Getting to Balur

Balur Estate is about 300 kms from Bangalore.

From Bangalore – take Magadi Road and then Kunigal just after Magadi town (right fork) to join the Mangalore Highway. Take a turn into Hassan, and ask for Belur.

There’s a couple of Coffee Days before Hassan – one at Belur Cross and the other a little after Chennarayapatna. There’s also a Kamat a little after Chennarayapatna.

Go from Hassan to Belur and just as you start to enter the town, there’s a circle with a left towards Mudigere. Just a little after you cross a bridge is a Y-fork (with a 3rd road going left). BOTH roads go to Mudigere but take the main road that goes straight.

Its a nice road and easily doable in any car. Budget about 5.5hrs of a drive time. In case you start early, you can do a quick stopover at the Belur Temple.

At Mudigere you turn left towards a small town called “Handpost” a couple of kms beyond. Here, at the circle, you need to take a right at the circle (you cross a rice mill on your left) – towards Kottegehara. At this town, take the road going towards Kalasa, and just after Balur Village, take the left “U” hairpin – still towards Kalasa/Kudremukh.

Exactly 2 kms from this hairpin turn (and 9kms from Kottegehara) there’s a small fork going left towards a gate and a bungalow (behind trees) – this is Balur Estate. We’ll try having someone wait at this fork – give us a call as you start from Handpost.

If you get to Javalli, or even a place where the road to the origin of River Hemavathi is marked, you’ve gone too far.

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