Getting to Balur

Balur Estate is about 300 kms from Bangalore.

From Bangalore – take Magadi Road and then Kunigal just after Magadi town (right fork) to join the Mangalore Highway. Take a turn into Hassan, and ask for Belur.

There’s a couple of Coffee Days before Hassan – one at Belur Cross and the other a little after Chennarayapatna. There’s also a Kamat a little after Chennarayapatna. Numerous other food options have popped up all along the road, upto Hassan.

Go from Hassan to Belur and just as you start to enter the town, there’s a circle with a left towards Mudigere. Just a little after you cross a bridge is a Y-fork (with a 3rd road going left). BOTH roads go to Mudigere but take the main road that goes straight.

Its a nice road and easily doable in any car. Budget about 4.5hrs of a drive time. In case you start early, you can do a quick stopover at the Belur Temple.

At Mudigere you turn left towards a small town called “Handpost” a couple of kms beyond. Here, at the circle, you need to take a right at the circle (you cross a rice mill on your left) – towards Kottegehara. At this town, take the road going towards Kalasa, and just after Balur Village, take the left “U” hairpin – still towards Kalasa/Kudremukh.

Exactly 2 kms from this hairpin turn (and 9kms from Kottegehara) there’s a small fork going left towards a gate and a bungalow (behind trees) – this is Balur Estate. We’ll try having someone wait at this fork – give us a call as you start from Handpost.

If you get to Javalli, or even a place where the road to the origin of River Hemavathi is marked, you’ve gone too far.

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